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Dr. Josita Maouene
Curriculum Vitae

Josita Maouene
Psychology Department
Grand Valley State University
1, Campus Dr
AuSable Hall, room 2213
Allendale, MI, 4940

​Citizenship: Switzerland
Office Phone: 616-331-3369

e-mail: maouenej@gvsu.edu

Training and Professional History

Ph.D. University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, May, 2002

Academic and Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Psychology Department, Grand Valley State University

Courses taught in the past:
PSY101: introductory psychology 
PSY 364 Life span development 

Courses being taught:
PSY 300 Research Methods 
PSY 301 Child Development 
PSY 400 Advanced Research Methods

Assistant Professor in Psychology, specialized in cognitive development (psycholinguistics)
​Psychology Department, Grand Valley State University

Research Associate in the Cognitive Development Laboratory of Prof. Linda Smith, at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. 

Adjunct lecturer at Indiana University
PY315 : Developmental psychology 

Post-doc on a Swiss Fellowship in the Cognitive Development Laboratory of Prof. Linda Smith, at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA 

Senior Assistant: Management of the Swiss Federal Scholarship program for international post-graduate students 
University of Lausanne, Division of Social affairs.

Honors and Awards

2003: Prize of the faculty of Social Sciences for the Ph.D. thesis, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. 

2010: Research Grant-in Award winner attributed by the Center of Scholarly and Creative Excellence, GVSU, MI, for the research project “Basic emotions and early-learned verbs”. 

2010-2011:  Professional Development award attributed by the Robert and Mary Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center for a project for the Liberal Education Academy 2010-2011:” Evaluating a Creative Thinking Technique Implementation in the Classroom”.

Professional Memberships

Professional services (Ad-Hoc Reviewing)

Guest Editor

Reviews for Journals

Conferences Attendance

Obtained Research Funding

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