Our lab has two locations. One downtown campus of Grand Rapids, 301 Fulton street  in the Eberhard Center (EC 104). This facility is mainly used to host parents and children who volunteer to participate in our studies.

Our second location is situated on the Allendale campus (AuSable Hall, groundfloor) and is composed of an entire floor of the psychology department. The GVSU undergraduate students of the psychology department get a unique opportunity to see research in action.

In the research process I am helped by undergraduate research assistants who volunteer their time to learn how to run all aspects of the research from its conception until its realization. 
About Us
From left to right my tem: Kala, Joel and Katie
Our teams, our labs
About Us

Pictured above is the 2009-2012 research group (from left to right): Joel Mounts, Taylor Moore, Jamie Jobin, Meghan Nesheim, and Nick Dunham.
Pictured above is the2012-2013 research group (from left to rigth): Rebecca Notter, Kelsey Canada, Abigail Collinge, Meghan Nesheim, and Trista Witherspoon. 
Pictured above is the 2014-2015 research group (from left to right): Amaya Guthrie, Alexes Jackson, Sultan Hubbard, Jessica Fritzler, and Grace Wentworth.
Pictured above is the Fall 17-Winter 2018 research group (from left to right): Alexis Hensen, Maureen Woods, Elizabeth Walder, Jenna Beffel, Monica Van Til,  Professor Maouene 
Research group  2018-2019 ( from front to back: 
Melissa Sharapata, Ericka Makowski, Lindsey Carene, Lauren Browning, Alyssa Ford.